G-Iota DF64 oceľové mlecie kamene Italmill 64

G-Iota Probarista / DF64 je single dose no retention bez retencie bezretenčný elektrický mlynček na výberovú kávu domov, do domácnosti.

Gen 1

G-Iota Probarista / DF64 má špeciálny malý blow up hopper zásobník na čerstvú kávu, ktorý vyfúkne komplet čerstvú pomletú výberovú kávu do páky / portafiltra. 

Single dose mlynček na kávu G-Iota / DF64 domov, do domácnosti, do firmy, do officu!

Elektrický mlynček na výberovú kávu G-Iota Probarista / DF64 má blow hopper.

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Bez retencie - no retention - koľko čerstvej výberovej kávy dáte dnu, toľko jej vymelie von do portafiltra.

Mlecie kamene má G-Iota / DF64 ploché flat 64 mm Italmill stainless steel oceľové flat burrs.

G-Iota je z Číny pod prísnym dohľadom Belgičanov.

V Amerika sa volá Turin DF64.

V Anglicku sa volá Solo.

Do mlynčeka na kávu G- Iota SD sa dajú dať super mlecie kamene SSP burrs MULTI-PURPOSE RED SPEED alebo mlecie kamene SSP HIGH UNIFORMITY na espresso.

Taký mlynček G- Iota máme tiež a stojí o dosť viac.

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Farbu mlynčeka treba upresniť v obj

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About upgrading G-Iota with SSP: increase grind speed and the extraction quality of your espressos with the SSP 64mm High-Uniformity Red Speed burr set, designed for the G-IOTA Dose Grinder, Mazzer Super Jolly, Option-O Lagom P64, Fellow Ode and many other 64mm flat burr espresso grinders.

SSP's unique geometrical cutting patterns are engineered for optimal grinding performance for all types of coffee brewing. The High-Uniformity 64mm burr set will immediately improve the quality of your espresso extractions and, in many cases, drastically increase the speed of your grind. Coated in the thinnest layer of Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride (aka Red Speed) for incredible durability, these burrs will last the home enthusiast a lifetime and will decrease the frequency of a cafe's burr replacement schedule by up to 10x.

The 64mm High-Uniformity Red Speed burr set is a great choice for those who primarily brew espresso, but they will also produce an impressive grind quality for pour over. A great burr set like SSP is one of the easiest investments you can make, not only to improve the quality of your coffee but to save your cafe time and money.

Ultimately, you can expect a different flavor profile in the cup, one of which your standard burrs won't be capable of. You might say these burrs lift the barrier between you and the hidden nuances of your favorite coffee.

The burrs sport an industrial look with a golden sheen and a nice, hefty weight in the hand. With careful inspection, you'll notice that each burr is uniquely manufactured; the top and bottom burrs offer subtle differences that improve performance. No matter if you enjoy light roasts or dark roasts, the SSP Red Speed burrs have no issue pulverizing harder beans and beans with higher moisture content.

Without a doubt, SSP has tailored these specialized burrs to be a worthwhile investment, with a value of a lifetime or more.

Author: homebarista.be


Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Power (W):
Capacity Beanhopper (Gr.):
Capacity of the residue tank (Gr.):
Types of blades:

Italmill 64 mm flat burrs

Diameter of the blades (mm):
Guarantee (J):
8,00 kg

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G-Iota DF64 oceľové mlecie kamene Italmill 64

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