Na objednávku SANTOKU nôž EGO VG-10


High end ostrý santoku nôž luxusný made in Norway. Buď šéf!

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Blade material: 67 layers of steel + core of Japanese VG10

Handle: Treated Pakkawood

Blade Hardness: HRC: 60 ± 2

Sharpness angle: 15 ° and balancing point: Center

The Santoku knife is the best knife to use for cutting and chopping food. The marks on the side make the food drop easily. The knife is designed to feel balanced in the hand, with the right weight, so that it can actually be moved without getting tired.

The knife's own weight helps to work through the raw material at the same time as the angle of the knife blade provides optimal cutting properties.

The knife blade is made of Japanese steel which is preferred by professional chefs and has a length of 18 cm.

It has a hardness of HRC 60 ± 2 and stays sharp for a very long time.

The surface is made of 67 layers of damask steel.

The core is made of stainless VG-10 steel, covered by steel layers on each side.

The beautiful steel around the hard core makes the knife both extremely sharp and durable, while at the same time being incredibly beautiful.

The blade has a sharpening angle of 15 ° with a balancing point in the middle.

Handle in treated Pakkawood .

The handle is made of treated black packing wood which both gives a beautiful expression and fits well in the hand whether you are right or left handed.

The handle is pressure impregnated to resist the wood cracking in contact with water.

It is designed to be used over time without becoming uncomfortable.

Recommended by the Danish national team of chefs EGO VG-10 knife series is used and recommended by the Danish national team of chefs.

As Olympic winners in 2020, they have the highest requirements and expectations for the chef's most important tool - the kitchen knife.

This is your guarantee that the knives are of the highest quality and are designed for a perfect result.


The Santoku knife EGO VG-10 must not be washed in the dishwasher, but washed by hand in soapy water and dried quickly after use. Branded EGO EGO is designed in Norway by Wilfa. EGO VG-10 Knife Series

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  • Výrobca: Wilfa
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