La Pavoni Esperto Edotto – ESPED

La Pavoni Esperto Edotto – ESPED


Competition machine for Espresso specialists.

The cutting edge model of domestic lever machines.
Valuable materials and the chance of a constant monitoring of the brewing pressure carried out by pulling down the lever, allow even the most demanding users to brew a customized espresso through repeatable extraction curves.
The new Esperto line is provided with professional devices as:

– Brewing pressure profiling
– Group Temperature indicator
– Two Steam Wands
– Competizione filters from 9, 16, 20 gr
– Shower “Competizione” with photo engraved membrane
– Coffee Tamper inox AISI 304, 300 gr
– Fascino Filter Holder allows to obtain creamy espresso coffees

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La Pavoni Esperto Edotto – ESPED

  • Videli: 2381
  • Výrobca: La Pavoni
  • Kód produktu: Espresso pákový kávovar
  • Vernostné body: 5
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  • 1 498,80 €
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Štítky: Kávovar, Kávovar espresso